Tips For A Tasty Green Smoothie

January 27, 2014

Let’s be honest, green smoothies can be really disgusting if prepared incorrectly.  They can be warm, thick, pulpy- you get the picture.  Here are a few tips to making delicious green smoothies:

1.  Start out with mild tasting greens like spinach.  Then work your way up to more intensely flavored greens like kale and parsley.  
2.  Follow a recipe for your first 3-5 attempts.  Take it from someone that has tried a lot of times- they have already gone through the trial & error phase.
3.  If you find yourself chewing your smoothie, take an extra 60 seconds to put the smoothie through a mesh strainer.  That way your smoothie will be smooth, and therefore much more pleasant. 
4. Include something creamy in your ingredient list.  I’m not talking about milk or half and half- bananas are the best choice.  But if you aren’t a banana lover try peaches or pears.  Avocado will also do the trick. 


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