Top 10 Reasons to Start (and Finish!) a Detox

December 13, 2012

Detoxes have long been touted for their positive effects on the body and mind, including increasing energy and “resetting” your habits. The goal of a detox is to clean out the body, particularly throughout the digestive system, and to gain clarity and focus. The Salus Fat to Fit Challenge starts January 7th and kicks off with the Salus Detox. Here are the top ten reasons why you should join detox with us!

  1. Get focused for a new healthy eating plan. Set the parameters and goals for your healthiest year yet.
  2. Reset your palate by eliminating unhealthy foods so you can better taste fresh and natural flavors.
  3. Enjoy better digestion. Your body won’t be working so hard to digest unhealthy foods, so you will feel better and strengthen your immune system. 
  4. Improve your mood by significantly increasing your fruit and vegetable intake and giving your body the nutrients it needs. 
  5. Improve concentration by easing your mind from making constant decisions about food. Your choices are simpler and fewer and you can focus on other needs.  
  6. Sleep better. Taking a break from stimulants like caffeine, sugar, and alcohol will allow you to establish better sleeping patterns.
  7. Improve hydration. Drinking a lot of water will decrease fatigue and give you healthier skin.
  8. Explore your body’s reactions to food and find which foods work best for you. Slowly eliminate or introduce foods to monitor how they affect your energy levels and digestion.
  9. Increase your self-awareness. Paying attention to what works and doesn’t work will increase your awareness of your mind and body and how they feel.
  10. Take time to reflect and concentrate on personal needs. Activities like walking, yoga, and massages will help you get the most of the process and help you decide what you want to manifest for yourself in the new year.

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