Week 10 – Warrior Challenge

March 19, 2018
Congrats on making it to the final week!

Week 10 Challenge: Team Victorious 

Team Task: It’s a race of the fittest. Who will be Victorious?

For the next five days, each team member will track exercise minutes through the week. Before the end of the day on Friday, teams will meet and total up team exercise minutes. The team with the highest number exercise minutes will receive an additional extra point. Each team member will share and announce their total minutes of exercise. The team with the most minutes will then be titled “Victorious Warriors of task Week 10.”


By Friday each team will meet together either in person or a conference call where each team member will announce and share the total number of exercise minutes they performed during the week. The teams will combine and add the total team minutes and send them to Abby at [email protected] The team with the highest number of  exercise minutes will receive an additional point and be titled “Victorious Warriors of task Week 10.”

All teams are required to email Salus to announce their total team exercise minutes: ahall@saluslifestyles.com, Please include total team exercise minutes and players individual minutes in that email. 

* Once your team has completed the Weekly Challenge, each team member must report! (Back reporting will not be available, so team members must log their points by the end of day Friday of every week.) If one team member chooses not to participate in a weekly task, a dishonor mark will be given, and the extra point will not be awarded. 

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