Week 2 – Warrior Challenge

January 21, 2018

Eat Like a Warrior

Have you ever wanted to know the secret of a lean body? Well, here it is: If you want lean, quality, “warrior” muscle and true health, you have to step up your nutrition and start taking it seriously. No more making excuses that you don’t have time to eat or that there isn’t any food in the house. Leave the excuses behind and pay attention.

Team TASK:

Track your nutrition for 3 consecutive days. Keeping a food log is a great way to see how much food you’re actually eating. Without knowing exactly what you are eating now, it’s impossible to know what adjustments you may need. Work together as a team and help each other build meal plans that will best support your team’s success. Use your favorite online nutritional tool, your phone or a notebook to track each day. Set a nutritional challenge as a group.  On Monday sit together and discuss your team’s nutritional goals for the week. Maybe as a group, you decide to eliminate sugar for the week, or perhaps you commit to eating only from the green food list. Whichever nutritional goals you decide to execute, your task is clear, write down what foods you are consuming for a minimum of 3 days. 

To Do:

  1. Keep a food log for 3-days
  2. Exercise a minimum of 3-days for 30 minutes
  3. Report by 5:00 pm Friday


So instead of playing the guessing game, your job is to log exactly what you eat, every day for a minimum of 3 days. This 3-day food log will reveal exactly what is holding you back from achieving the results you’re really looking for. So be honest about what you are eating!

CLICK HERE to download the food guidelines.


* Once your team has completed the Weekly Challenge, each team member must report! (Back reporting will not be available, so team members must log their points by the end of day Friday of every week.) If one team member chooses not to participate in a weekly task, a dishonor mark will be given, and the extra point will not be awarded. 

One response to “Week 2 – Warrior Challenge”

  1. Jeff Chance says:

    Thank you for the food list! I look forward to experimenting with the healthier foods. Usually I just eat what I want. This is a great challenge. Thank you!!

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