WEEK 3- Warrior Challenge

January 29, 2018

Evoke Your Inner Warrior


Do you ever feel like you aren’t able to truly tap into your potential when it comes to mundane, day-to-day things? Well, it doesn’t always have to be this way. After all, every day is peppered with new chances and opportunities for you to seize and make the most out of – so that you can ultimately grow and evolve into all that you want to be. It’s only a matter of whether you want to or not.

Team Task: Warrior Yoga

Team members will practice daily the Warrior Yoga Sequence. The yoga sequence is a series of warrior poses totaling 25 minutes. On Friday each team member will choose their favorite pose from the Warrior Flow and take a group photo of the team in their warrior posture. If a team member is not present or traveling, that team member will take an individual picture and send it to Abby [email protected]

To Do:

  1. Practice Warrior Yoga Sequence (Download video and save it to your mobile device)
  2. Exercise a minimum of 3-days for 30 minutes (25-minute Warrior yoga practice can be counted as exercise)
  3. Eat clean by using the food guidelines from last week
  4. Send Warrior pose group photo to [email protected] 
  5. Report by 5:00 pm Friday


Evoke Your Inner Warrior Sequence

CLICK LINK to download for home use. https://vimeo.com/252405808

This 25-minute invigorating warrior sequence consists of various warrior yoga poses. Though you may be familiar with some of these poses, there is a lot of subtle detail you can bring to the alignment while also strengthening your legs and core.

We suggest doing a few sun salutations first to warm up. As you practice be sure to move with breath from pose to pose. You can repeat the sequence as many times as you’d like to add intensity.  For a more cardio sequence, move to a new pose on each breath (one breath per movement).

Warrior Sequence:

  1. Downdog
  2. Warrior 1
  3. Charging Warrior
  4. Ardha malasana with warrior’s arms
  5. Crawl to low twisted lunge
  6. Cartwheel to Warrior 2
  7. Extended Side Angle
  8. Reverse Warrior
  9. Warrior 3
  10. Warrior 1
  11. Humble your Warrior
  12. Warrior 1
  13. Chaturanga


By Friday team members must send a picture of their team in their favorite warrior pose from the warrior sequence.

* Once your team has completed the Weekly Challenge, each team member must report! (Back reporting will not be available, so team members must log their points by the end of day Friday of every week.) If one team member chooses not to participate in a weekly task, a dishonor mark will be given, and the extra point will not be awarded. 

5 responses to “WEEK 3- Warrior Challenge”

  1. LaRaine Fitch says:

    Are there photos of these poses somewhere.
    Are going to show all these in the Yoga class on Tuesday?

  2. LaRaine Fitch says:

    Where is the video?

  3. Jeff Chance says:

    I did yoga for the first time tonight. That was very difficult. My wife coached me while we watched the “Evoke Your Inner Warrior.”

    Truthfully, this was a challenge but I can immediately tell where I am very weak.

    Thank you for opening my eyes to this new experience!

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