Week 4 – Training Camp

February 6, 2017
Training Camp

Teams that train together stay together

This week you will grab a buddy or your challenge teammates and train. Choose a class or workout, select a date that works best for all. Don’t forget to bring your gym shoes. Have fun and train hard.

It’s time for training camp!

2-Day Split Workout

Body part splits, use greater exercise variation to target individual muscles. They’re ideal for “shocking” muscles into growth, in particular for lifters that typically train in total-body style routines.

Today we will be sharing a 2-day split workout example. It’s important you choose a training split based on your goals, schedule, training age, energy system requirements, and ability to recover.

Always refer to the training guide that best fits your training schedule. CLICK HERE  for the training guide.

2 day picDownload the 2-Day split Day 1 and 2 workouts.

CLICK HERE (Day 1 Workout)

CLICK HERE(Day 2 Workout)





Train Hard!

Denise & Emily





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