Week 8 – Warrior Challenge

March 5, 2018

Battle of the Plateau

We’ve all been there.  Whether we’re trying to lose weight, add muscle, or even develop a new skill, we all hit that point in our progress where everything seems to stall. Thankfully, there are a number of simple ways to break through and continue moving in the right direction. Here are our top 4 strategies!


Team Task: From the list below select ONE solution to complete based on where you feel you have hit a plateau. At the end of the week share with your team your plateau selection and how you made a breakthrough!!

Solutions: CLICK HERE for the PDF

1.  Warrior Plateau – Set a Personal Record

2. Warrior Plateau – Shock Your Diet

3. Warrior Plateau – Shock Your Workout

4. Warrior Plateau – Adjust Your Workouts


* Once your team has completed the Weekly Challenge, each team member must report! (Back reporting will not be available, so team members must log their points by the end of day Friday of every week.) If one team member chooses not to participate in a weekly task, a dishonor mark will be given, and the extra point will not be awarded.

8 responses to “Week 8 – Warrior Challenge”

  1. Jeff Chance says:

    I will rotate days focused on sprints for speed improvement on my 5K workouts. That is a great idea from the examples you gave us on the “Solutions to Overcome a Plateau.”

    Thank you so much!!

  2. Roy Lindhardt says:

    I like the Set a New Goal solution (#4 on the PDF). Give my body something new to focus on.

  3. LaRaine Fitch says:

    I choose Solution #2
    I find that Destany our Monday noon instructor changes up the routine of our exercises, that I am challenged to work myself harder working on balance and strength. And working on the exercises and improving on the correctness of these exercise and trying new ones as well

  4. LaRaine Fitch says:

    I am sorry I said #2 but I met #4. I am working on changing my workout to make sure that I am using other muscles to strengthen and helping with my equilebrium.

  5. Jonathon Crittenden says:

    I Have chosen option #2. Since I am starting my extreme three-day juice cleanse today with a special soup at night, that is enough to “shock” my body! This will be a good change from what I usually eat.

  6. Sarah Kennedy says:

    This week I shocked my system by eating/drinking no sugar and no sweeteners. So no to the cupcake that Dori shared, the brownie bites on Tuesday that Ryta brought, and donuts she brought today. No to the piece of candy I sometimes have after dinner. No to the lo cal lemonade or cranberry juice in the dispensers here at work. No to the emergency piece of candy in my desk. Fruit was fine, and I didn’t get nit-picky about hidden sugars.

  7. LaRaine Fitch says:

    I have been able to alter some of my eating choices and and snack choices and to write every food choice in the nutrition section and add to the menu choices from my packaging. So I get the right count.
    And increase my exercise daily.

  8. Andrea Ave says:

    Well, after much reflection, it comes to this: I didn’t have to select one of these goals to pursue because at least two
    have been achieved as a natural byproduct of increasing my workouts from 2x/week to 4x/week.

    3 weeks ago I enlisted the services of my favorite Salus instructor to craft 2 additional workouts per week.
    When I first began I was resting 60 seconds between sets of weightlifting exercises, but I found that in order
    to complete the entire workout in an hour I had to decrease the time between sets to 30 seconds.
    In addition, I have increased the weight wherever possible from week to week.
    So this has satisfied the first objective, “Set a personal record”.

    Further, since each of my four weekly workouts is different, I have also succeeded in “shocking my workout”.
    Thirdly, I have had a sore shoulder that seems to be healing as a result of lots of stretching and increased, but
    carefully controlled movement. Lastly, I was told by a third party that I appeared to have lost weight and my
    trainer commented in class recently that she observed improvement.

    That leaves “Shock your diet”. I have read time and again that keeping a food journal is the best way to lose weight.
    Admittedly, I am a bit apprehensive to learn just how much I may be overeating or indulging.
    However, “No pain, no gain”, right?


    What needs most to be addressed is one of the goals that I had identified in my top 5 a few weeks ago, i.e., to get organized.
    Schedules makes me feel claustrophobic, psychologically speaking, but on the other hand, if I don’t schedule my workouts
    and stick to said schedule, then they don’t happen. I am still striving to find the right balance.

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