WEEK 9- Peaceful Warrior

March 12, 2018

Peaceful Warrior


Team Task: Participate in the peaceful meditation activity to help your inner warrior diffuse stress and body tension all while calming the warrior spirit and mind. Each warrior participant will be required to practice the mediation activity 3 times within the week.

Meditation: PUSH PLAY!


To Do:

  1. Practice the mediation activity 3 times within the week
  2. Exercise a minimum of 3-days for 30 minutes 
  3. Eat clean by using the food guidelines from week 2
  4. Report by 5:00 pm Friday

* Once your team has completed the Weekly Challenge, each team member must report! (Back reporting will not be available, so team members must log their points by the end of day Friday of every week.) If one team member chooses not to participate in a weekly task, a dishonor mark will be given, and the extra point will not be awarded. 

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