Whats On Your Playlist?

March 18, 2016

Have you ever struggled through a silent workout because you left your headphones at home? Or felt a surge of energy when your favorite song comes on? Studies show that listening to music while you work out can increase endurance, reduce fatigue, improve performance under pressure – and even boost brainpower! Music matters!

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Remember the effort and time you took crafting that perfect mixed tape back in the day? It’s time to upgrade your playlist for fresh new tunes that will keep you working out longer and harder.Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 7.58.12 PMtape

The music we like can be as diverse as we are. Whether it’s Hip-Hop, Rock, Country, all the above or anything in between. There’s no rules! If it motivates you, gets you going, and pumps you up, then add it to your list! A great workout playlist is a must! Whether you use your phone, iPod, or any other device, load it up with some of the best mood-boosting beats and get ready to get pumped!

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With that in mind, a couple of my favorite apps to download music and create killer playlists are Spotify and iTunes. Both allow you to download music and organize it into a playlist. That way you can customize different playlists for different workouts. In case you’re wondering what I like to listen to when I workout…Check out what I’ve got on my favorite playlist!

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 7.41.23 PM

Now it’s your turn…What does your ideal playlist sound like? Is it Country, Pop, 80’s Heavy Metal? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Share what motivates you!




3 responses to “Whats On Your Playlist?”

  1. Tim Kryselmire says:

    I generally go for songs with strong beats… beyond that my motivation has to deal with my mood for the day.

    Some days I really go for something heavy:
    Hard Rock Hallelujah by Lordi

    Other days I’m just trying to burn off some steam and frustration:
    Malchik Gay by TATU (not that we have a lot of Russian Speakers)

    Then some days I need that extra motivation that I’m lacking:
    Tubthumping by Chumbawumba

  2. Emily Stone says:

    Tim, I’m going to check out some of these songs! It’s been a while since I listened to some Chumbawumba! But I get it, it’s all about the mood and state of mind that will determine the music. I always find it interesting how much music can really change the energy.

  3. Brandee Anderson says:

    I’m a fan of throwing Pandora on. Lately I’ve been on the Spring Break station. ??

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