When Being Stressed Out Feels Normal

November 14, 2016
Why stress is good for you, and how to get good at it.

Are you stressed out? I bet you answered; YES! In today’s world, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone, that wouldn’t say they’re stressed about something in their life. Stress can actually be a good thing. Don’t believe me? It’s true; it can help you conquer fears or motivate you to get something done.

“The Effect You Expect Is The Effect You Get.”

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12 responses to “When Being Stressed Out Feels Normal”

  1. Tim Kryselmire says:

    Mindset #2: Having kids is stressful! But that stress keeps me on my toes. Silence is golden – unless you have a 3 year old… then its suspicious!

  2. Doug Lawes says:

    Stress can “Melt” away by having a Dinner & Movie night with best friends & family

  3. Luke Scott says:

    I am glad you mentioned the motivation mantra. I have noticed that I tend to have better results when I am encouraged and have positive motivators rather than being subjected to guilt or fear. I feel like this one is probably the most in sync with my goals and lifestyle.

  4. Monilee says:

    Mindset #2 – Stress facilitates my learning and growth.

  5. Chris Cozzens says:

    Experiencing Stress facilitates my learning and growth because it stimulates my need to do well at any activity which is before me.

  6. Debbie Robinson says:

    Feeling stress alerts me that something is important to me, and needs to be worked through.

  7. Randy White says:

    When confronted with stress, my plan of action will now need to include “taking a deep breath” and asking myself “what can I learn from this?”

    One thing that also helps me is to keep remembering that there are plenty of other things in my life that are good. Some could call it “counting blessings” or perhaps the attitude from the kids book: “Could be worse!”

  8. Stacey says:

    Stress seems to be in many levels and for me some are reoccurring and I can just breathe and deal with a child but for the most part I can control the level of incoming.

    I find my shoulders tense and I think for a moment and target just what I think it is and put a reminder sticky note and when I start to say something or an action relating to the note, I am like – right – no way, not going to bring it in—it works… then after it’s been quite awhile I had to relate to the note, I take it down.. seems like it isn’t long before a new note, or same at times is back up but it does teach my mind to stop going there and reduces it…

    What is the good, the best and surely nothing is something that truly has “no good” to look at.
    Thanks for the video and reminders that stress is learning and learning self control is stress reduction.

  9. Alicia Smith says:

    Experiencing stress facilitates my learning and growth is a good mindset and considering stress as equating with meaning is helpful.

  10. Gina Swensen says:

    Stress should now alert me to the fact that something is important to me and that I need to release the negative feelings about the it and embrace the added energy it creates.

  11. Kelly Adams says:

    Mind set #2. Controlled stress helps me to perform a given task better. By breathing though the nose slowly and focusing my energy on the task at hand is the key for me.

  12. Jody Wojtasek says:

    Stress is a huge factory in my well being. Fake it until you make it works well for me. Always thinking and talking positive.
    releasing the stress gives me energy that is use full.

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