Work To Sustain Your Health

June 12, 2015

Podcast Challenge!

Living a healthy lifestyle is something we all aspire to attain.  However, it’s difficult to reach and sustain a healthy lifestyle when our lives are full of pressures and stressors that constantly bombard us.



I use triggers as a ritual right before executing a habit.  If I want to wake up earlier, I wake up at exactly the same time each morning (even on the weekends).   My workout clothes are right next to my bed and this is my trigger to sustain a morning routine of exercise. Our sustained habits keep us healthy even during times of stress.

Earn 10 points: Share and identify one sustained habit you have formed in your life in the comments below. 

3 responses to “Work To Sustain Your Health”

  1. Monilee Pearson Conrad says:

    Spend a few minutes each day working on a large project or task.
    Sometimes when you think about a project taking a long time or all the work you have to do, it’s hard to get started.
    If you do a little each day, you get something accomplished and the project eventually finished.
    Something is better than nothing.
    I’ve finished lots of things (and am in the process of accomplishing things) using this method.

  2. Jody Wojtasek says:

    This is a great method. I have a huge organization project. I have committed to 1/2 hour a day, no less sometimes more.

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