Workout 101

February 25, 2015
Workout 101: How to build a fitness plan you love.

You don’t have to be a bodybuilder or fitness professional to build an effective workout. Any workout, when done correctly and consistently, can help you lose fat, increase strength, and improve muscle tone.

Start with the following:

Keep it simple: In the beginning, always keep your workouts short and simple. After you have created consistency in your workouts start to build and add exercise to increase the intensity.

Lack of time: Combine cardio and strength together. Do tabata (high-intensity), circuit, interval training.

Form is extremely important: If you do an exercise wrong, what seems like progress initially will quickly dissipate and possibly result in injury.

Your goal is to fail: The key to a good workout is failure. Exercise like your life depends on it. Don’t just go through the motions; exercise with a purpose. Do things that challenge you and take you to failure.

Reps/ Sets: Don’t worry too much about the number of repetitions of any given exercise, but instead concentrate on working as hard as you can. Time is valuable so take each exercise to failure.

Mind-To-Muscle: Keeping your mind connected to the muscle and workout will increase the results of any exercise; you will improve the effectiveness of your workout by at least 25%.
Your body is your first piece of equipment.

Lets Build a Workout…

Download: Salus Lifestyles Custom Workout

Click the video below to follow Denise Carter as she demonstrates building a workout.

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23 responses to “Workout 101”

  1. Tim Kryselmire says:

    BURPEES! Its not a matter of enjoying them, its that I hate them. Because everyone knows Burpees hate you too. 😉

  2. Alicia Smith says:

    My favorite exercise is bellydance/yoga class. It is great because it is a good cardio workout along with flexibility and strength. It’s 3 in 1!

  3. carley sherry says:

    I enjoy skiing in the winter and hiking spring summer and fall the most becasue I am outside enjoying the beauty of nature and I am able to take my dogs with me on hikes.

  4. Robert Johnson says:

    Swimming because it puts me in my element.

  5. Jim Branch says:

    Tricep Dip – Hands on edge of desk, feet in chair – 20 to 25 reps – 2 to 5 x/d
    Crunch Push Ups on Toes – Hands on dumbbells – 60 to 85 reps – 5 to 10 x/d
    Stomach Roll – Hands on roller and on knees – Extend to horizontal and return to hands/knees – 10 reps – 2 to 10 x/d
    Occasional curls with dumb bells at desk – 50 reps with 20 # each hand.

    Dubmell curls or Concentration Curls – 30 to 50 #’s, 20 to 10 reps
    Pulley Curls x body – 25 # each x 24 reps.
    Bench Press – 130 to 180 # – 30 to 15 reps
    Incline Dumbell Press – 40 – 50 # – 20 to 10 reps
    Forward Fly with pulleys- 25 # each – 50 reps
    Back Fly with pulleys- 15 # each – 30 reps
    Pull to Chest with pulleys – 100 – 130 # – 15 reps
    Pull to Shoulder with pulleys – 120 – 140 # – 15 reps
    Back Raises – Ankles under bar, Hips on bench, upper body extended over beyond bench, 40 upper body raises, 60 count isometric.
    Ball Squats – 50 # each hand – 20 reps
    Thigh Machine – 135 # – 15 reps
    Leg Curl – 100# – 15 reps
    Tricep – Pulley 25# each – 20 reps
    Tricep Bar Pull – Pulley – 60 – 80 #s on bar – 20 to 10 reps
    Tricep Dumbbell – 25 to 30 # – 15 reps.

  6. Craig McBeth says:

    I like exercises done with the ball.

  7. Randy White says:


    Thanks for the summary sheets. I am consistent with cardio and a list of “lower back” exercises from the Physical Therapist (involving lower back, hips and legs). The workout tracker should help me to add exercises from all the other groups on a more consistent basis.


  8. Stephanie Coleman says:

    Why running, of course!


  9. Sadie says:

    I like weight training, gives me strength..

  10. Julie Darrington says:

    I mostly concentrate on pool exercises for less impact on feet, hands, and joints due to recent illness. I was only able to get the audio part of the video.

  11. Terry Whipple says:

    My favorite exercises are all outdoors-walking, jogging, biking, mountain hiking. The sunshine (or even rain or snow) and the scenery are part of the therapy of exercise for me.

  12. Mary Newman says:

    I too could only get the audio on this….I enjoy walking…walking the dogs and grandkids in the out doors and experiencing all the fun things out doors.

  13. Paula Islami says:

    I like Strength Training.

  14. Kathy Chadey says:

    Some good ideas to mix it up. Thanks

  15. I like riding the stationary bike and have been doing many kinds of exercises while at re-habitation for knee replacement. It has been hard. But have enjoyed trying to build strength. And working all kinds of other machines as the squat machine. Allowing you to do big crunches without hurting yourself. And many other physical exercises. I hope to increase and be able to more to tone and tighten and take off more pounds and inches.

  16. Danielle Hession says:

    I like doing things outside!! Walking, jogging, (we all know I don’t run) 🙂 Hiking, golfing!! Anything outside with the fam! 🙂

  17. Sharleen Peterson says:

    I have enjoyed the new Gentle Tone & Fit Monday class, it is a nice break from the desk.

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