Yoga Pick-Me-Up

May 31, 2017

Feeling low on energy? Need a pick-me-up?  Try this yoga sequence to feel rejuvenated. It’s simple, easy, accessible anywhere, and provides an instant pick-me-up. I suggest starting on your right side and moving back and forth through the sequence from right to left. Repeat the flow three times on each side to get the blood moving and energy you need to get through the day.

Here’s the Sequence:

Childs Pose



3 legged downdog

Crescent lunge

Crescent lunge twist

Extended side angle

Reverse warrior

Tap the back of palm to mat

Reverse triangle

Triangle pose

Warrior 2

Plant the hands, step back to high plank, lower to chaturanga, roll to upward facing dog, lift the hips roll over the toes to downward facing dog.

Repeat sequence on the left.



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