Yoga Re-fuel…

December 7, 2010
I went to Yoga on Wednesday night, and it could NOT have been more necessary.  I’m going to tell you something now that I will later deny saying if you ever bring it up; I hadn’t worked out in 3 weeks!  I hate admitting that, but it’s true.  I’ve been working too hard, and putting in too many hours, and of course, whenever that happens, the body suffers.  I was a mess…barely surviving.   I didn’t have nearly the energy I usually have, either physically or creatively.  What a bad example I am!
But I went to Yoga (I have photos to prove it), and the change in how I feel is amazing.  I feel so much better!  Seriously, if there’s a person out there who believes that exercise does nothing for them, they must not be connected at all to what the body really needs.  Physically, exercise gives me the boost I need; mentally, my head is cleared and I can be creatively inspired again.  Thank god for Yoga…running…the gym…whatever your medium of staying in shape.  I’m sorry, little body, for neglecting you!  It will never happen again.

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