Yoga Twists That’ll Make You Say Ahhh

May 4, 2016

Here are 4 of my favorite twisting variations to make your back feel sensational and leave your body saying ahhh. They relieve tightness that causes pain, but they also help to elongate the spine, which means better posture and improved breathing. And the benefits don’t end there — spinal twist poses also help you digest a big dinner and aid in, “moving things along” if you know what I mean. From standing to seated postures, these 4 twists will have you twisting and shouting for joy.seated twist 1

Seated Spinal Twist

This Seated Spinal Twist is one of the most basic yoga twists, perfect for loosening your back and relieving stress.

thread the needle

Kneeling Twist

Use the floor to get an even deeper stretch with this Kneeling Twist. The harder you press into your bottom hand, the more you’ll feel this in your lower back.

twisted lunge

Open Revolved Extended Side Angle

Lunges are wonderful for opening tight hips, which can relieve tension in the lower back, and if you add a twist, you’ll really feel this in your lower back, abs, and chest.

eagle twist

Eagle Twist

A calming twist you can do on your mat or even in your bed, this twist involves placing your legs in Eagle position. But if that’s too intense, just stack you knees on top of each other.






2 responses to “Yoga Twists That’ll Make You Say Ahhh”

  1. Mary Rice says:

    I love these twists! They really do help.

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