You Are Stronger Than You Think

April 15, 2015

Finding ways to push your self through challenging workouts can be difficult. Here are a few tips to help you go past your edge because let’s be honest, we are stronger than we think.


Remember, it’s temporary: Remind yourself that the feeling you are experiencing won’t last. This is really helpful while holding static postures for a certain period of time.

Helpful thought: “This will be over soon, and I’ll be stronger because of it.”

Distract yourself: Use music to distract you from what you are doing. Several studies have shown that music can increase motivation during a workout. CLICK HERE and learn how to make a great workout playlist.


Breathe through: Feel the sensation, the burn, and the intensity- and keep going anyway. Use your breath to push through, focus on the inhale and exhale rather than the sensation.

Helpful thought: “I inhale, I exhale.”

Visualize results: Remember why you exercise during your workout. Is it to lose weight? To feel confident? To de-stress? Use this as motivation and continue to work hard.


Workout with a trainer or group: Great trainers not only specialize in physical movement, but in motivating their student to push past their edge. If you have access to a trainer or group exercise class- use it!

workout class

I encourage you to try one or all of these techniques.  Bring your workout routine to the next level!

Coach Mikalyn

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