Your Mind at Work

April 25, 2018

Everyone faces challenges at work at some point, some more serious than others; but knowing how to overcome those challenges is key to succeeding in the workplace. Below are key tips on how to move past a challenge at work.

Most importantly focus on what’s within your control:

Some of these things will be within your control, and in most cases, you can take action to correct them. Other things are outside of your control and are things that will happen or occur regardless of what you do or don’t do. Now, focusing only on what you can control sounds great in theory, but it is harder to do in reality, especially for people who struggle with it.

Focusing or spending time on things you cannot control takes energy and resources away from you that you should be using to spend on things you can control. It’s exhausting and stressful as well. Furthermore, identifying and then focusing on things you can control also helps you prioritize where to spend your time and ultimately channels your energies to the most important things.

We can’t always control what will happen to us, but we do have control on how we respond, and I’m confident that if you use some of these tips next time you’re in a stressful situation at work, you’ll be on your way to overcoming whatever comes your way.



Salus Team

One response to “Your Mind at Work”

  1. Roxanne Snell says:

    Wow! I totally needed to read this post because it has been a really long week with so many things going on and so many things I felt like I had no control over. I am totally going to refer to this post often as I continue to overcome challenges that will most likely arise while I work. Thank you for this oldie but goodie of a reminder to help me overcome challenges.

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